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If you are a local Law Firm, located in North York, then we want to hear from you. Please let us know the unique area of specialization for your Law Firm. To be featured, as a Lawyer or as a Law Firm, please contact North York Lawyers, via e-mail or set an appointment, using our contact widget.


We bridge prospective clients with expert Lawyers, specializing in various areas of law. Our referral service is provided at no cost to clients. Any retainer or fee arrangement will be agreed upon between referred clients and Lawyers that take on a case.


You live in North York and seek a Lawyer that works in North York that is familiar with local issues and City by-laws and protocols. You want a local legal specialist that can meet your needs. You want to hire a local Lawyer for whom you can get local references. You want to be able to meet with a local Lawyer for your initial consultation and throughout the process of your legal matter.

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We are not a law firm. Instead we provide you with cutting edge and up to date relevant legal content. We connect clients with Lawyers. We offer a private members portal where prospective clients and Lawyers can create postings and review postings and connect in real time with legal service providers.

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We only feature and work with the best lawyers, who haven proven their excellence and reliability over a long period of time to take put the guess work for you. through our service you will be ale to find a lawyer very quickly.

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